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If you are looking for a professional advocate for your child you’ve come to the right place.

I have seen firsthand how important it is for a child with special needs to have a highly trained advocate in their corner.

Having someone who understands their

child’s unique needs and is dedicated to

helping them achieve their fullest potential

can make a world of difference.

Let's talk

I graduated from Columbia University with a Master of Science in speech-language pathology and have 30+ years of experience as an advocate/consultant for students with diverse special education needs from preschool to age 22.

I have worked with multiple public school systems, private day schools, and Boston Public Schools. I can review and interpret clinical evaluations including neuropsychological evaluations and help develop I.E.P./ 504 plans.

I have extensive knowledge of all disabilities specializing in communication disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and transition planning.

I am available for observations and evaluation of current and proposed classroom/school placements, team meetings, transition planning, Bureau of Special Education Appeals mediations and hearings.

I am certified through the American Speech and Hearing Association and through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in Early Intervention.

I trained through the Federation of Children Special Needs Parent Consultant

Training Institute and Wrights Law Special Education Advocacy Tactics & Strategies Training Course

About Me

Areas of Specialty

  • Communication Disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Developmental Delays/Disorders
  • Early Childhood/Turning 3
  • Preschool through High School
  • Transition Planning (ages 18-22)
  • Review of IEP/504 Plans
  • Review of Neuropsychological Evaluations, School and Independent Reports
  • Consultation Regarding Current and Proposed Placements
  • Attend IEP Meetings, BSEA Mediations and Hearings
  • Coordinate Educational, Medical and Therapy Services
  • Parent Coaching and Training

what i offer

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Reviewing your Child's Records

I do a comprehensive review of your child’s educational, independent, and medical

evaluations to assist you in organizing your child’s

records and understanding the contents of the reports.

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Attend Team Meetings

As an experienced clinician and advocate I find when I attend the IEP team meeting, mediation or hearing I can improve the outcome by understanding the special

education laws, asking the right questions, and advising you before, during, and after the meeting.

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Assess IEP Proposals

After the team meeting you wil receive a proposed IEP.

You have 30 school days to review, sign and return it to the school.

I am available to read, critique and improve the IEP to help your child receive the best service delivery possible.


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Transition Planning

(18 to 22 years old)

Transition is often described as the life changes, adjustments, and cumulative experiences that occur in the lives of young adults with disabilities as they move from school environments to more independent living and work environments (Wehman, 2006).

Transition services to adulthood for secondary students with disabilities begin at age 18 and end on a student’s 22nd birthday.

Transition Planning (cont..)

Students, teachers, and parents start planning the journey for transition when a student turns 14-years old. Beginning at age 14 the IEP team is responsible for planning transition related goals within the IEP. I can help parents with the transition to adulthood process and the significant changes in available services (age 22) every step of the way.

Parent Training

I work to assist you in understanding your child's educational and civil rights to obtain a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment.

I explain the variety of services and

supports your child may need and how to obtain them. I also help you understand team dynamics and how to work collaboratively with the IEP


Let's collaborate.


831 Beacon Street #293,

Newton, MA 02459

email me


give me a call

(617) 962-2154


(781) 329-1880

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